We have the very latest CNC Grinding machines to cope with any tooling for today's demanding jobs.

We can produce any size of Circular Saw from 100mm up to 1000mm in either TC, SHSS or PCD and are one of a very few specialists in this country using the ultra hi-tech Vollmer CX100.

We not only make all sizes of saws but we re-sharpen all carbide tipped saws and replace any damaged tips.

We also sharpen all SHSS saws, re-cut and trepan - and replace segments if you use those types of saws in the engineering industry.

Router Cutters

We can usually supply all sizes and profiles of routers within 24 hours.
'Specials' can be normally be made to your requirements within 14 days

Vollmer CX100   Super Flex Carbon Bandsaw Blades
Speed Super Flex Carbon Bandsaw Blades

A heavy duty carbon blade - designed to deliver maximum performance from standard bandsaw machines. The high hardness backing material allows increased feed pressure and cutting rates without compromise to the straightness and accuracy of cut, while greater fatigue resistance extends the blade life over that of standard carbon steel blades.

We supply all sizes of bandsaw for all sectors of the market- from the home DIY enthusiast to large wood mills to the steelcutting industry! Bandsaw